After reviewing the current position in school in relation to positive cases and staff absence and in consultation with Public Health England, we have made the decision to move to home, online learning for all pupils next week.

This is a decision that has not been made quickly or easily as I always have a strong desire to keep our pupils in face to face learning. However, the health and safety of all staff and pupils must be paramount. Please review the table below, the year groups marked in red should work from home during the stated dates.

Week Commencing 13th December:

Monday 13th December - Year 9
Tuesday 14th December - Year 9
Wednesday 15th December - Year 8
Thursday 16th December - Year 8 & 10
Friday 17th December - Year 7 & 10

Week Commencing 20th December:

Monday 20th December - All Year Groups
Tuesday 21st December - All Year Groups
Wednesday 22nd December - Inset Day

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