Smoking Policy

Smoking Policy

When school premises are used for purposes other than school related activities the school smoking policy will still remain in operation.

Pupils smoking in school will be subject to the Behaviour and Discipline Policy. The relevant passage reads:

"With immediate effect anyone seen either smoking or stood near a smoker, either in school or in the vicinity of school, before, during or after school, will be ‘fined’ £15 which will be donated to Cancer Research. Unpaid fines will result in loss of breaktime until paid. I view smoking in school as an extreme violation of school expectations and if necessary it will be met with our strongest sanction for the persistent offender: permanent exclusion. I will not tolerate repeat offenders’. "

Smoking materials i.e. tobacco or cigarettes will be destroyed. Smoking paraphernalia: lighters, vaping equipment and so on will be confiscated and placed in the school safe until the day the pupil leaves school. A receipt will be issued and a letter will confirm the confiscation.

The school smoking policy will be monitored at least once per year by the Leadership Group in consultation with staff and a report made to the Governors. The Policy will be reviewed and, if appropriate, revised to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the school community.

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