School Meals and Catering

Due to the current situation regarding covid-19, Chartwell's are currently offering a limited menu (see below).
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School Meals and Catering

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Food and Packed Lunches

A variety of hot and cold food is available in school at breakfast time from 8am until 8.30am, morning break and lunch time. A main meal of the day is available at lunchtime. Pupils are expected to stay in school at break and lunchtimes. Pupils may bring packed lunches if they prefer.

If your child currently receives Free School Meals these will continue at West Park as long as your child remains eligible to receive them. If you think you are entitled to free meals for your child please contact the school office here.

The school supports the ‘5-A-DAY’ campaign to encourage children to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, which has been shown to reduce the onset of certain lifethreatening conditions, as well as being helpful in tackling and preventing childhood obesity.

Cashless Catering System

West Park School operates a cashless catering system.

Each pupil has an account to which money can be credited in various ways as explained below. The account is accessed by thumbprint recognition. The system works by taking measurements of the thumbprint but not capturing a complete image. The measurements are stored as a series of numbers, encrypted and the original print cannot be reconstructed from the numbers stored on the system. When purchases are made at the till points, the value of the purchase is deducted from the account. Cash is not accepted at the till points. Other data which is already held by the school is used in the system to ensure accurate operation. This includes your child’s name, tutor group, photograph, account balance and meal entitlement. This data is handled in accordance with data protection guidelines.

There are four methods of available to you to credit accounts:


  • online payments through Parentpay with automatic credit to accounts (no queuing)
  • coin and note payments at the revaluation pay-points (queuing may be involved)
  • cheques made payable to Chartwells deposited in the cheque collection box

There will be a daily ‘spend limit’ programmed into the system of £5.00. This can be increased or decreased for an individual pupil by making a written or e-mail request to Christine Miles in the finance office.

Further information is available from and on the school’s FireFly.


Parentpay is a secure web based payment system for schools using debit or credit cards. Credit to pupils’ accounts is automatic and immediate. Using Parentpay to make credits online to your child’s account will enable parents to:

  • view up-to-date balances of their child’s meal account
  • view meal selections at the point of sale
  • access historical statements of payments made
  • set automated low balance alert emails
  • remove the need for pupils to queue to load cash through the revaluation points

All parents of the new intake pupils will be issued with Parentpay log-in details before the new term starts. However, if for some reason you do not receive yours, please contact Christine Miles in the Finance Office. Parentpay can also be used to pay for school trips and other activities. Further information is available from Parentpay


Payments may be made through local shops using a Paypoint card, although this system takes up to 36 hours for the credit to show on the dinner money account. Local shops using the Paypoint system include Spondon Post Office, Co-op stores in Sitwell and Chapel Street, Sunnygrove News Chaddesden and Best One in Borrowash and Ockbrook News. A full list of shops is available from Paypoint. This system can also be used for payment of school trips. Please contact Christine Miles if you are interested in using Paypoint as Paypoint cards have to be ordered.

Revaluation Points

There are two revaluation points situated near the dining hall which will accept cash. There is no minimum or maximum amount that can be credited to the account before it can be used (although the account must be in credit to make a purchase). The revaluation points will accept £20, £10, £5 notes, £2, £1, 50p, 20p 10p and 5p coins. Credit to accounts is immediate. The revaluation points may only be used before registration, at break and lunchtimes. Account balances may be checked at the points and the pre order kiosk.


Cheques made payable to Chartwells (with your child’s name, form and bank card details on the reverse) should be deposited into the cheque box at the revaluation point before registration for the account to be topped-up before break. Cheques deposited after registration may not be credited to accounts in time for use at break.


Reports are easily obtained using Parentpay, however the same reports can also be obtained on request (preferably by e-mail) from the Catering Manager or Finance Office.

Free Meals

Pupils entitled to free meals have the free meal allowance (currently £2.40) automatically credited to their accounts daily. There is no need to use the revaluation points or other credit methods unless you wish to give your child additional spending money. If the free meal allowance is not used it will not be carried over to the next day however any unspent additional money will be. The process is completely anonymous at the till points.

Dietary/Allergy Information

As long as the school has been notified in writing, food allergy and medical conditions such as diabetes can be recorded on the system and this will prevent foods with particular ingredients from being served to individual pupils. Please ensure that your child’s information is correct and up-to-date.

Medical diet menus will not be prepared by the central Chartwells nutrition team for customers in Secondary or Higher education settings. We believe that our menus in Secondary, Higher and Further education provide sufficient choice to allow cutomers to manage their own medical diets. Chartwells will ensure that allergy reports are always available to customers which will allow them to make informed menu choices. This is in line with other out of home catering settings.

Data Collection

Data collection takes place on common induction day. Please contact Christine Miles.

Any personal information provided will be processed in line with current data protection laws, including the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations. Our privacy notice can be found here