'Welcome to the Governors' section of our website. Governors are drawn from the local community and parents. They are critical friends of the school. We support its aims and ambitions, we help in strategic planning and we try to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Above all we are here to hold the school leadership to account. We ask endless questions about every aspect of the school's activities. I am happy to say that they always respond positively even when we press them very hard!'
Sheena Ratcliffe - Chair of Governors

The governing body of the school is a formal, legal entity, which has certain areas of responsibility, and is accountable for the school's overall performance to parents, the community and the Secretary of State.

Governors can be contacted through the school on (01332) 662337 or by e-mail at:

The Governors work with the Head to set the future direction for the school and decide how the school's budget should be managed. We provide the Head and the Leadership Group with support and advice, drawing on our knowledge and varied experience. In our regular meetings and through frequent visits and observations in school, we review the impact of policies on matters such as performance targets and ask searching questions, whilst respecting the Head's position as professional leader of the school.
The Governing Body report to parents on school achievements and respond to inspection recommendations. Governors hear appeals from pupils, parents and staff. We also consider and act on complaints from the community that we serve.
You can find in our section details of the management committees and when Governors' terms of office start and end.
If you have any questions relating to the work of the Governing Body, please either write to me via the Clerk to the Governing Body:

School governors are people from the local community who wish to make a positive contribution to children's education. No special qualifications are required but enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education are useful to bring to the table. Governors come from a broad range of backgrounds and are drawn from the following categories: The Head is automatically a governor.

Trust Members

Unique to the school, these governors are appointed by the School. These governors are chosen for their commitment to the good governance and success of the school.

Governors appointed by the Trust members and Co-opted Governors

Co-opted governors are drawn from those who have made a significant contribution to the school (which may be financial) but may equally be from local business or industry. The Trust members may appoint up to four Governors. We currently have two.


The minimum requirement is two, we currently have four. Governors are elected from among the parents or carers of children attending the school. Elections are held and every parent has the right to stand for election and vote.


Two members of staff from the school are elected for fixed periods of time to serve as governors representing the staff of the school.

Finance, Resources and General Purposes Curriculum Standards and Pupil Care
Andrew Fooks - Chair
John Maclaine - Vice Chair
Sheena Ratcliffe - Chair
John Maclaine - Vice Chair
David Birks
Michael Johnson
Pauline Jennings
Richard Jennings
Mark Miles - Site Manager
Jonathan Smale
Iain Pendry
Pauline Jennings
Rebecca Smith
Richard Jennings
David Sanderson - Head of Pastoral
Jackie Walker
Jonathan Smale
Disciplinary and Admissions Panel (Pupils) Performance Management of the Head and Disciplinary Panel (Staff)
Any 3 Available Governors
Sheena Ratcliffe - Chair
Sheena Ratcliffe - Chair
Iain Pendry
Pauline Jennings
John Maclaine
Michael Johnson
John Maclaine
Andrew Fooks
Pauline Jennings
Type of Governor Name Term of Office Renewal Date Occupation Business and Pecuniary Interests
Trust Members Neville Taylor 4 Years 1st April 2023 Retired Property Services Manager None
John Maclaine 4 Years 1st April 2023 Retired Technical Manager None
Sheena Ratcliffe 4 Years 1st April 2023 Bereavement Services Manager None
Andrew Fooks 4 Years 1st April 2023 Audit Team Leader None
Elected Parents Rebecca Smith 4 Years 1st Sept 2021 Counsellor and Psycho Therapist None
Iain Pendry 4 Years 1st Sept 2021 Rolls Royce Engineer None
Richard Jennings 4 Years 13th Dec 2022 Building Company Director None
Michael Johnson 4 Years 1st Sept 2021 International Football Coach and Ambassador None
Staff Governors David Birks 4 Years 3rd Oct 2023 Head of Religious Studies Member of Staff
Jacqueline Walker 4 Years 12th Mar 2024 Administrator Member of Staff
Head and Accounting Officer Scott McGregor N/A N/A Head Member of Staff
Co-opted Governors Pauline Jennings 4 Years 1st Sept 2021 Retired Teacher None
Jonathan Smale 4 Years 1st Sept 2021 Council Member None

Additional Information:

Governors complete a business and pecuniary interest declaration form annually which is subject to audit. The declaration includes members of their close family.

• There are no relationships between the governors and members of the school staff.

Governor Resignation

Type of Governor Name Date of Appointment Term of Office Leaving Date
Co-opted Governor Lee Giffiths 4 Years April 2015 July 2018
William Diggins 4 Years Sept 2015 Oct 2018
Christopher Griffin 4 Years Nov 2020
Staff Governors Ben Paradise 4 Years Sept 2015 Aug 2019
Kevin Lane 4 Years July 2018 March 2020
  • Finance - Mr Fooks
  • SEND - Mrs Jennings
  • Pupil Premium - Mr Fooks
  • School Data - Mr Pendry
  • Health and Safety - Mrs Jennings
  • Safeguarding and Wellbeing - Mrs Ratcliffe
  • GDPR - Mr Smale
  • Careers Guidance - Mr Pendry

Monitoring of SDP KPIs

Priority 1 - The Quality of Education is outstanding - Mr Maclaine and Mr Pendry
Priority 2 - The Behaviour and Attitudes of pupils are outstanding - Mrs Ratcliffe, Mrs Smith and Mrs Jennings
Priority 3 - Leadership and Management of the school is outstanding - Mr Fooks and Mr Jennings.