The subjects studied by pupils make up the curriculum. The school will deliver the curriculum in 5 lessons of 60 minutes each per day over a period of 10 days.

Years 7 to 9

All pupils will study the same subjects for the first three years at West Park School.


  • Mathematics
  • English - Language and Literature
  • Science - Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Technology - Electronics, Food, Graphics, Resistant Materials and Textiles
  • Art
  • Humanities - Geography, History and Religious Studies
  • Music
  • French
  • Physical Education
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • PSHE - (including Personal, Social and Health Education and Careers)

Years 10 to 11

  • All pupils will take English Language, Literature, Mathematics, Core and Additional Science, (5 or 10 periods), Geography or History, ICT and Religious Studies at examination level. PE (2 periods) and Careers (1 period) are compulsory but not examined.
  • About 50% will also take French which, in addition to the core subjects, will make up the EBacc suite of subjects. All pupils can follow the EBacc suite of subjects if the other 50% choose to take French, but it is not compulsory for these pupils.
  • Pupils not chosen to take French will take PE (GCSE or Btec) in addition to the core of subjects.
  • EBacc pupils can opt to take PE at examination level.
  • About 20% will take GCSE Core and Additional Science (5 periods). This is a bespoke course designed for pupils for whom 5 periods of science rather than 10 will provide them with a better balanced curriculum.
  • Pupils sit an entrance examination to gauge their suitability for taking the triple Science course.
  • 80% of pupils can choose one subject and 20% two subjects, in addition to their core of subjects.
  • Additional subjects are chosen from:
    - GCSE courses in: Art, Drama, French, Geography, History, Music, Physical Education, Technology (Electronics, Food, Graphics, Resistant Materials or Textiles).
    - Btec courses in: Creative Digital Media Production, Music, Performing Arts.
  • Additional information about the curriculum offered can be obtained by contacting the relevant head of department.

For more information regarding the curriculum, please contact